Hotel Hokke Club Naha was old but the breakfast was wonderful.

Although I suffered from the sound damage of the water at the last Toyoko-Inn, I felt that I was paying attention to the environment of the room, and I thout that the Hotel Hokke Club Naha, which was actively incorporating the ingredients of Okinawa for breakfast This time I tried staying.  

I could get off at the Omoromachi station of Yui Rail and went about 5 minutes on foot. I got off the station by elevator.
By the way, although there were many elevators installed at Yui Rail, it was user friendly.

It was a little strange room but the overall construction was old. Somehow I felt Showa · · ·.
The cleaning was attentive and beautiful. Recently, I did not see dressing table. I had no use. The bath was new feeling.

f:id:tsurezurenaruhibi:20160215205843j:plainThough there was a time when the sound was heard, a little voice was heard but basically it was quiet and slept well.

The breakfast venue was on the same floor as the hotel reception. After giving the breakfast ticket you got at check-in at the restaurant reception, you will be sitting in the seat freely in the buffet style.
Cooking certainly had lots of Okinawan cuisine, Rafute, Yushi tofu, Mimiga, Okinawa soba, etc. were placed. There were breads, but if anything, there are many Japanese dishes.

The taste was very tasty overall. I liked it especially because of the mozuku vinegar shikuwaka flavor and rough tea.  Suddenly, looking at the table, hibiscus was adorned in a flower vase filled with one flour. Such directing is also wonderful.

f:id:tsurezurenaruhibi:20160215210156j:plainThe floor staff seemed to be turning around by about three people, but the male seemed to see the state of cooking frequently and seemed to replenish cooking properly or cleaning. It was a good impression.

This article was written in February 2016.