Toyoko-Inn Naha Asahihashi Ekimae had sound problem.


I stayed at Toyoko-Inn near Yui Rail Asahihashi Station. It is about 5 minutes on foot from the station, but there was a big intersection just before, so we had to divert a little or cross the pedestrian bridge with a carry bag.

Correspondence of the front desk of the hotel was very common. There was not dissatisfaction in particular. The room was single, but it was very beautiful. Overall sense is good, the first impression was "Good room."

However, I immediately thought that I do not want to stay in this room twice. Sounds were noisy.

The room was somewhere close to the elevator, but the talk on the corridor was a duplicate. Especially, it was easy to hear the voice of Chinese people, but the voice of Japanese people was also easy to hear.


The most interesting sound was the sound of water. A sound like a flowing water sounds in the room. It sounds like the toilet and the water of the bath. It is not very pleasant one. Although it is possible that it happened that there was a problem room, at this point I will not recommend Toyoko-Inn Asahibashi Ekimae.

This article was written in February 2016.